Session 3

Economic Base Theory and urban development

About this event​

Jessie Lerousseau will present the assumptions behind Economic Base Theory and their impact on local development recommendations in urban studies and planning.

From its original approach focusing on inner relationships between local economic sectors to its later consideration of connexions between territories at the regional scale, he will explain how this model has lead to very distinct urban policies over its circulation trajectory, as well as its relation with alternative models.

Date and time

Mon, 13 December 2021

15:00 – 16:30 CET

Jessie Lerousseau

Jessie Lerousseau obtained his PhD in economics at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Territorial Sciences of the University of Lille. Member of the Keynesian Economists Asso-ciation and the French Association of Political Economy, his work focuses on the analysis of territorial development. With a macroeconomist background, he studies the mutations of the lived territory, builds territorial development indicators, and works on regional macroeco-nomic models. He is inspired by Social Geography, Institutionalist approaches to develop-ment, economic base theory and regional multiplier theory. He also works for public re-search and statistical organizations to evaluate the territorial impact of public spending, which leads him to conduct meta-analyses on the methods and the economic models of the regional economy.