Session 5

Fractal models and urban scales

About this event​

Cécile Tannier will present the Fractal model and its impact on how urban forms and spatial organisation are approached in urban studies and planning.

Reflecting critically on scale invariance and optimality, she will show how and why fractal models enable us to better understand how space is organised through scales and how urban planning can modify this spatial organisation in a fractal manner, accounting for the effects of distance and scale dependence.

Date and time

Mon, 7 February 2022

15:00 – 16:30 CET

Cécile Tannier

Cécile Tannier is Senior researcher (Directrice de recherche) in geography and planning at ThéMA laboratory (Besanҫon, France). Her main areas of research are the location dynamics in urban settings, the shape of cities, and the dynamic modelling of settlement systems. Since 1998, she contributed to more than 20, mostly interdisciplinary, research projects involving researchers in geography, computer science, physics, ecology, economics, architecture, history, and archaeology. Analysis and simulation models she contributed to create gave rise to a series of software applications: Fractalyse, MUP-City, Fractalopolis, Morpholim, MobiSim, SimFeodal, Artiscales, and Parcel Manager.